November 2018

We are now into the second quarter! This quarter, we will continue to learn about inspirational and well known Christian artists. The first isDon Moen.

Who is Don Moen?

How did he become a worship leader?

God will Make a Way is his most popular song.Listen to it here. Would you classify this song as a psalm,hymn or a spiritual song?

A line in the song says, "Heaven and Earth will Fade, but His word will still remain." Here is an explanation of that line.

Click here for the sheet music

Another popular Don Moen Song is: I am the God that Healeth Thee

Don Moen received a Dove Award

What is a Dove Award? Which song won this years Dove award (2018) for Song of the Year?

December 6, 2018

Intermediate and Junior music

Today we learned about the treble, alto and bass clefs in more detail. 

What are some treble clef instruments? recorder, guitar, flute, etc...

What are some instruments that use the alto clef? Viola...

What are some instruments that use the bass clef? Cello, double bass, etc...

Homework: Name two instruments we did not discuss in class that use the bass clef.

We watched Kevin Olusola beatbox with a cello, which is a bass clef instrument. You can watch him beatbox here

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Music- November 2018

Thank you, everyone, for supporting the bake sale! With the funds received ($100) we were able to purchase some new instruments for the junior music program- a glockenspiel, handbells and a set of percussion instruments!