Music- November 2018

Thank you, everyone, for supporting the bake sale! With the funds received ($100) we were able to purchase some new instruments for the junior music program- a glockenspiel, handbells and a set of percussion instruments!

3rd quarter

We are learning about the history of gospel music. The information you need to know can be found on this link

Mahalia Jackson- the Queen of Gospel

Andrae Crouch- Well known contemporary gospel singer

The Statesman Quartet- Southern Gospel singers popular in the 50s and 60s.

At the end of this quarter, you should understand:

  • The meaning of the word “gospel”
  • What it sounds like (e.g. choir, etc… for black gospel)
  • The different types of gospel music
  • The Roots of Gospel Music
  • What is call and response?
  • Gospel music singers, such as Kirk Franklin and Andre Crouch (contemporary), Bill and Gloria Gaither (southern), Mahalia Jackson (traditional black gospel).
  • Quiz on April 4th (practice) and April 11th

You can practice your sight reading on the following link: